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COVID-19 Statement

The health and safety of our members is our number one priority. Consequently, we are meeting or exceeding all the recommendations set forth in the Governor’s executive order and other industry standards to ensure your safety,

First, we are implementing screening requirements for all staff and members entering the facilities. The class programming will focus on ensuring social distancing and limiting equipment exposure. We have allocated time to allow for cleaning of the equipment using approved disinfectants and screening members between classes. Finally, we have hired a company to do weekly thorough cleanings of the facilities using hospital-grade germicides approved by the EPA to kill COVID-19. This will include the turf areas of the facilities.

We have outlined our specific screening, safety protocols and class times: below:

  1. We request that you sign up online before coming into the facility so that we can record and regulate total participation. By state COVID regulations, we are limited to 25% capacity. Due to the size of our facilities we do not believe we will need to limit class size. However, if we do encounter crowding, participation will be based on on-line reservations.
  2. All staff and members will be screened before entering the facilities using the CDC COVID-19 clinical and epidemiologic criteria.
  3. The person checking you in will record your name and attestation that you denied any of the screening risk factors. This is to eliminate multiple hands touching iPad devices.
  4. All staff and members will have their temperature taken using an infrared thermometer prior to entering the gym. If a temperature reading is above 100.0 degrees, the individual will not be allowed to participate that day.
  5. Anyone who has a positive screen or temperature > 100.0 will have to wait 14-days or be required to have a medical clearance from their own physician or Dr. Myers prior to returning to the facility.
  6. Class sessions will be spread out and marked for members to stand to maintain 6 ft distancing while training.
  7. Our DE towel service will be provided. A towel will be required for exercises done on the turf to avoid contamination of the turf in your designated area. Members will be responsible for putting their towels in the baskets when finished.
  8. Training sessions will have time included to allow for coaches and members to spray and wipe down equipment after each use. This will also be done throughout class during rest/water break periods.
  9. A comprehensive cleaning checklist and schedule will be implemented and strictly enforced.
  10. Restrooms will remain open but showers will not be usable in accordance to state COVID-19 regulations (until further notice).
  11. Masks and gloves will be optional for staff and members. Members must bring their own mask and gloves if they want to use them.
  12. Spin Classes at the Denton location will be limited to 6 members (plus instructor) at a time.



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